Ginseng Honey 1 Kg

Ginseng Honey is unique because ginseng is mixed with honey that has a direct impact on sexual desires.


Note :

  • Ginseng honey has a rich bitter taste and is useful to promote overall well-being.


  • It is not advisable to use metal containers as they can taint the sweet honey with toxic iron & lead.
  • Store honey at room temperature.

Ginseng Honey 1 Kg

  • A few of the benefits of ginseng honey include : 


    • Improves the skin complexion.
    • Increases energy.
    • Increases favorable effect on the muscle.
    • Increases favorable effect on the disease of the middle age.
    • Improves mental alertness.
    • Improves revitalizing and strengthening the heart and lungs.

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